Addicted to Masterbating – What To Do

A Serious Problem - Addicted to Masterbating

Your first reaction to the phrase, “addicted to masterbating” may be to laugh, but this affliction is serious business. If you’ve ever felt like you had to get a sexual release or you would explode, even when it’s totally inappropriate to be aroused, then you’ve experienced firsthand what it’s like to be addicted to masterbating. Sadly, many people have been in that kind of situation and just rationalized away the fact that they have a problem.

If you’ve come to terms with being addicted to masterbating, then you’ve made a heroic first step and that’s worth commending – admitting that problem alone can be terrifying, and it’s farther than most people get. While it can be overwhelming, it is important to realize that this a problem that has existed for ages and it can be beaten. In order to emerge victorious, you’ll need a lot of willpower and commitment and a plan for the future in case the cravings return later. The willpower part is up to you, but the Healthy Sexuality System can help you formulate the right plan for you. Click on the Home link to get started on the path to recovery.

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