Masturbation Sin or Not?

Is Masturbation Sin?

The bible isn’t explicitly clear on one very important issue to many men today. The issue in question is: “Is masturbation sin?” Even some priests will disagree on this issue, but many Christians feel in their heart that masturbation is a reflection of lust, one of the mortal sins. Even if you’re not sure how you feel about the masturbation sin debate, there is some important information that you should know.

Regardless of its religious significance, masturbation has a lot of negative effects on the body on a purely scientific level. Masturbation, especially when it’s done too frequently, can lead to all kinds of problems with the mind and the body. It affects your ability to have a normal sexual relationship and allows perversion to enter into your mind. It also drains your energy and leaves you feeling drained so that you can’t live to your fullest. Even if you’re not Christian and don’t care about the masturbation sin debate, it’s clear that masturbation should be avoided. The Healthy Sexuality System can help teach you ways to purge this vice from your life. You can learn more by clicking the Home button.

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