Stopping Masturbation: Why Should You?

The Benefits of Stopping Masturbation

Stopping masturbation is a lot more difficult than you might assume. Ask yourself honestly if you could stop masturbating tomorrow and go for a whole month. Maybe you’re the kind of person that can barely go a day, let alone a month without masturbating. Now that it’s been put in perspective, you hopefully realize how serious this issue is. If you couldn’t go a day without a drink of alcohol or a hit from your drug of choice, it’d be pretty obvious there was a problem. Masturbation is no different.

The question is, why bother stopping masturbation? You might say that it’s not like drinking or drugs where it spills over into every part of your life. Unfortunately, that is not the truth. Once you’ve actually committed to stopping masturbation, you’ll realize just how much it was affecting you. You’ll get so much energy and hours of your time back so you can improve yourself and live a better life. You’ll even have an easier time engaging getting and enjoy real sex once you’re masturbation free. If you’d like to reap the benefits of quitting masturbation, check out the Healthy Sexuality System by click the Home link.

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