The Problem of Chronic Masturbation


The Problem of Chronic Masturbation

First things first, let’s establish what chronic masturbation is. The term refers to the practice of masturbating with an unusually high frequency – usually multiple times per day over the course of several weeks, months or years. It’s hard to nail down exactly how many times it takes to be a chronic masturbator or where to do draw the line between “normal” and not. Some men who masturbate regularly don’t fall under the category, while some who have a more infrequent schedule do. Generally speaking, people who are masturbating more than a dozen times weekly start to fall into chronic masturbator status, though many do it much more often than this – often more than 25 times weekly.

What is the cause of chronic masturbation? Some think that it is simply linked to a higher sex drive, but this isn’t quite accurate. Others see it as a mental imbalance. This isn’t quite correct either, but it’s not far from the truth. The fact is, being sexual excited causes certain chemical reactions in the human brain. These chemicals make us feel good and happy, and they can become addictive like a drug. Most everyone is familiar with the euphoric feeling of orgasm – for some obtaining that feeling becomes a way to escape from negative emotions in their lives. They start to masturbate to relieve stress, loneliness, or sadness. That’s often the root of chronic masturbation.

All in all, this condition is still poorly understood. There aren’t a lot of scientific studies about the topic and very little consensus. Some even argue that there is no such thing as chronic masturbation and that any amount of masturbation that isn’t directly physically harmful (i.e. doing it so much the skin gets raw) is fine. Others argue that even smaller amounts of masturbation can be harmful.

The Side Effects

The truth, however, seems to lay somewhere between the two extremes. While excessive masturbation isn’t going to cause problems immediately, it can have long term implications on your sexual and mental health.

Many men who are chronic masturbators have reported problems in their sexual lives and interpersonal relationships that have sprung from an abuse of masturbation. They tell stories of having trouble getting aroused with their regular sexual partners, of having to lie constantly to their spouses and even their friends about their habits, and many other problems. These problems tend to sneak up on a person. In the beginning, masturbation is just a harmless habit, but it can very quickly grow into something much bigger than that.

If you’ve been finding that your frequency of your masturbation has been increasing into worrying levels, it may be wise to look into getting help for this problem before it balloons up. If you’re starting to prefer masturbation to real sex or having to lie to others about your masturbation habits (such as sneaking off to the bathroom to get off), then you are probably already on a bad road. It’s time to check out a program that can help you to deal with an addiction to masturbation. Look into the Healthy Sexuality System – this program offers everything that you could need to conquer a masturbation problem.


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