Too Much Jacking Off Has Side Effects

Too Much Jacking Off Can Ruin Your Life

Too much jacking off is a very bad habit to fall into, particularly when porn is also in the equation. Many people suffer with addictions to porn and masturbation that affect their lives in significant ways. Most importantly, these addictions can affect your personal and sexual relationships, even if your spouse or girlfriend doesn’t notice that you’re doing too much jacking off. You may find that it becomes hard to get aroused without involving masturbation or porn. You may also seek to emulate some of the behaviors seen in porno films, which is sure to drive any woman away.

Aside from the sexual deviance that it inspires, too much jacking off also leaves you feeling drained or your energy and feeling guilty and dirty. These things can lead to depression and lack of motivation which can permeate your whole life in a very real way. If you feel at risk of developing these problems or if you already suffer from them, you should consider the Healthy Sexuality System. You can learn about what it is has to offer by clicking the Home button.

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