Understanding Masturbation Addiction

Understanding Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation addiction is basically just what the words imply: it’s a condition where a person feels a compulsive need to masturbate. This is something more serious than just enjoying masturbation. To be considered a true addiction, the need to masturbate must be very strong, almost to the point of being irresistible. Often, addiction to masturbation goes hand in hand with a similar compulsion toward viewing pornography.

This sort of addiction can seem benign at first, but it can grow to be very destructive in a person’s life. It is often a precursor to a full-blown sex addiction, which can have even more devastating consequences. It’s not uncommon for sex addicts to find themselves pursuing destructive extramarital affairs, using the services of prostitutes, or engaging in unsafe casual sex with strangers.

While masturbation addiction is classified differently from chemical addiction (such as an addiction to alcohol or drugs) it is still a serious issue. With this sort of addiction, the person becomes addicted to the positive feelings that they get when they orgasm. This is a result of chemicals released into the brain during masturbation or sex. In a way, this makes this type of addiction more similar to a drug addiction than it may seem. Essentially, a person can become addicted to their own brain chemicals, and will continually search for more ways to trigger that chemical release – regardless of the consequences in their life.

The Dangers of Addiction to Self-Pleasure

At first, the downsides of this addiction may seem quite harmless. It seems like a victimless crime. But the truth is, it does more damage than is readily apparent. To begin with, just like with a drug addiction, the body develops a “resistance” to sexual pleasure. This means that the addict has to seek out increasingly extreme forms of stimulation in order to get the same results. This is the root of sex addiction or addiction to increasingly depraved forms of porn. This also has repercussions for a person’s sex life. Often it becomes difficult for an addict to reach orgasm during normal sexual intercourse with a partner, which can be very damaging to the self-esteem of both partners!

If the addiction gets serious enough, it can cause a person to act irrationally and ultimately affect their relationships and even their professional life. In the most extreme cases, it can even land a person in jail for crimes such as exposure, indecency, or engaging in prostitution. Needless to say, those are the kinds of marks that no one wants on their life.

The problems can get even worse if they aren’t controlled quickly enough. It’s important that you never underestimate how serious this type of addiction can become. While it can be embarassing to admit to oneself that you are addicted to masturbation, it’s an important first step on the path to curing this affliction. The good news is that no matter how much of a grip this addiction has on your life, there is help out there. you can even get completely anonymous health through programs such as the Healthy Sexuality System – so you can deal with your problem in private. Don’t wait for your self-pleasure addiction to get a deeper hold on your life. Seek out the help that you need before it gets any worse.


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